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Catastrofy SK

MAZAGRANDE STAGE Friday 15:00 Show in program

“Catastrofy, that’s kick-ass music with wit.” This is the Rockpalace portal’s spot-on description of an excellent thrash metal band from Devínska Nová Ves. Witty lyrics combined with more serious social themes are presented as a thoroughly oiled machine. Exceptionally fast drums and guitars are complemented with musical instruments such as fujara, Jew’s harp, tambourine or ozembuch on their debut album as well as on stage. What we appreciate in particular is that you can understand what vocalist Boris is singing. This way, Catastrofy will certainly make visitors at Pohoda 2018 move, laugh or can even scare them.

As the band describe themselves: “Catastrofy is a 5-member crew of bandits from Pressburg who have been sharpening their shepherd’s axes for thirteen years now. The band do not pull any punches and combine their original take on thrash metal with funny stories about bandits. At the same time, they are not afraid to tackle more serious issues of today.” Their amazing tracks such as “Krik a beznádej”, “Bastardi spoločnosti” or “Ja som spokojný” have tens of thousands views on YouTube. The number of views is, from time to time, increased by the male part of our office as well. We recommend their splendid video clips that work like an anti-stress aid. After ten years on the scene, in 2015, they released their debut Zbojnícky Tanec which according to, “in less than half an hour, will take you by storm with a huge number of aggressive guitar moments and straightforward lyrics.” portal wrote the following in the review of their sold-out Trenčín concert: “Their bandit thrash metal has balls that would put even a rhino to shame! A first-class performance that was literally breaking the record in the amount of energy that was given away (as well as spent).” All of the above makes us so happy to have Catastrofy present their bandit dance and noise at Trenčín airfield.