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Alyona Alyona UA

Alyona Alyona

Half a year ago, almost no one knew the Ukrainian kindergarten teacher Alyona Savranenko. Last October, she published the first song on YouTube under the pseudonym Alyona Alyona; today, her channel has already 90,000 subscribers and almost 60,000 followers on Instagram. She has been with rap music for more than fifteen years now, but only after her videos began to spread virally through the Internet, her story was published by the biggest Ukrainian media, giving her the status of the “hip-hop sensation” and the “rising star of Ukrainian rap”.

Ukrainian media such as The Flow, Comma, Meduza, and Karabas Live ranked her among the biggest discoveries in music of 2018. She also currently holds a nomination for the prestigious Ukrainian YUNA-2019 Award in the “Best Hip Hop Song” category. Just the day before yesterday, she released album Пушка (Rifle). The album was praised also by the German portal Jeztz that described Alyona as the icon of Ukrainian millennials. After her Ukrainian tour, she will perform also in Slovakia at Pohoda 2019 in just three months.