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CAFÉ KUŠNIERIK Friday 16:15 Show in program
ZVA 12-28 BAND

Blues band ZVA 12-28 BAND is rooted in the tradition of artists such as Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf or Willie Dixon. Between 2005 and 2015, they released four albums, on which blues blends with Slovak folklore. They received a lot of awards during almost three decades on the scene. In the last three years, they made it to the top of Bluesmusic portal poll in the category of the “Most Favorite Band” and last year they won the categories of “Singer of the Year” and “Instrumentalist of the Year”.

According to, “the band created their own style and don’t have to prove anything to anyone.” The portal gave their album Z ruky zobať 80 per cent and the review is headlined as follows: “ZVA 12-28 BAND turns life hardships into benefits”. Irony and self-irony are the essence of this amazing Zvolen-based band’s lyrics. They will entertain blues fans and other visitors at Kušnierik Café at Pohoda 2018.