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Zuzana Mikulcová SK

Ticketportal stage Saturday 16:00 Show in program
Zuzana Mikulcová

Zuzana Mikulcová, brings together Slovak lyrics with pop-soul, elements of jazz, and electronic music. In 2010, she was named the “new face of Slovak jazz.” With her band, she released the debut album “Slová” and performed as Lise Simone's opening act in the Slovak Radio. Currently, she’s working on her follow-up album and, at the beginning of July, will be playing Ticketportat stage at Pohoda 2017.

“Her debut is another proof that Slovak music scene is experiencing a songwriting renaissance. The scene will never have enough of young talents and thanks to her sense of melody, original lyrics and quality arrangements, Zuzana Mikulcová’s Slová is one of the noticeable debuts that grow in number on our scene,” says That Zuzana is equally good in the studio as live is something you can see for yourself soon at our festival.