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Ylvis NO

Urpiner stage Thursday 22:30 Show in program

Ylvis – The Expensive Jacket Tour

Thursday night highlight will be Ylvis with their spectacular The Expensive Jacket Tour set. Brothers Ylvisåker made a name for themselves when their song “The Fox”, whose purpose was to promote the third series of their show I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis), went viral in 2013, exponentially spreading across the internet with over 640 million views as of today. Thanks to this anti-song, people all around the world got to know the gems such as “Stonehenge”, “Dubstep”, “Trucke’s Hitch”, “Jan Egeland”, “A Capella”, “The Cabin” and many more.

In their songs, they parody all sorts of music genres and, basically, anything that crosses their minds. With the size of their fanbase, but mainly, thanks to funny lyrics, videos and quality music production, Ylvis joined the ranks of the most successful music-comedy acts in the world, such as Flight of the Conchords, The Lonely Island or Tenacious D. “What Ylvis do is genius. When preparing Pohoda, we’ve been using their songs as a perfect anti-depressant for quite some time. I haven’t heard such amount of creativity and staying-on-top-of-things attitude in music for years. Even though their approach is different, to me, with the easiness and humor, they have become a current international version of the legendary album There Were Eleven of Us of trio Lasica-Satinský-Filip. I can hardly think of a better opening for the 21st edition of our festival and am particularly proud of this booking: what adds to it is the fact that we are the first venue in Europe outside of Scandinavia ever that Ylvis confirmed to play,” says Michal Kaščák.