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Vitalic LIVE FR

Vitalic LIVE

Pohoda 2019 will also feature the French electronic music producer Pascal Arbez Nicolas known as Vitalic. Pitchfork compared the quality of his debut, OK Cowboy, to Daft Punk’s Homework or Discovery. In addition to creative music, he won his fans over with live performances which are always enhanced by a great visual aspect, as in the case of the impressive "V Mirror" live show (he’s surrounded by huge electronic mirror panels). In 20 weeks, the author of the catchy tracks "Poison Lips", "Poney Pt. 1 "or" La Rock 01" will present himself in the LIVE version to Slovak fans.

Pascal Arbez Nicolas recorded his first techno singles back in the nineties, but at that time he was part of the underground scene. His friend The Hacker advised him to send the recordings to DJ Hell. He found Vitalic’s tracks interesting and so in 2001 he released his EP Pony in Gigolo Records, with the song "La Rock 01" immediately becoming a summer club hit. In 2005, Vitalic released the debut album OK Cowboy, which Pitchfork ranked in the prestigious Best New Music category. NME even wrote: "There is no doubt that Pascal Arbez Nicolas is the best that has come from France since Daft Punk." The song "Trahison" was used in the film Naissance des Pieuvres and "Poney Part 1" in the movie Birds.

In 2009, he released his second album, Flashmob. The song "Poison Lips" resonated the most and appeared in movies such as Dredd, The Legend of Kaspar Houser, or Amazon advertisement. Uncut gave it ten points out of ten and wrote: "Audacious cybernetic pirouettes such as "Poison Lips" and "Flashmob" bear the hallmarks of a musician enjoying a purple patch, who is able to caress from his machines a spectrum of emotion that leaves the listener purring with pleasure.” In 2012, Rave Age was released and the latest album Voyager was released at the beginning of 2017. The name itself suggests that this retro-futuristic record dives into the cosmic disco of the eighties with its motifs and production. Magazines Q and MOJO gave it an 8 out of 10 score and The 405 described it "a pleasant surprise and an addiction." We believe that Vitalic LIVE’s performance at Pohoda 2019 will also be a pleasant surprise.