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Veronica Vasicka US

Veronica Vasicka

Pohoda 2019 will also host the charismatic legend of contemporary techno – Veronica Vasicka. In 2005, she founded the Minimal Wave label specializing in the characteristic electronic sound of the '70s and '80s. Her DJ sets range from raw industrial electronics to cold wave mixed with mutant house and underground techno. Through her performance she narrates her fans stories about the roots of electronic music. Her greatest gift is the fantastic ability to combine music that influenced her into an unforgettable dance night she’ll also bring to the SLSP Arena.

As one of the founders and DJs of the East Village Radio, she began to collects obscure and long-forgotten demos that fit somewhere between cold wave, post-punk, krautrock, industrial, and synth-pop. As it was a hard-to-categorize track collection, she named the sets as minimal wave. She began to share the discovered treasures with the rest of the world on a web of the same name. Since the response was tremendous, she tracked most of the authors of the recordings and started releasing their re-editions under the Minimal Wave label. Its portfolio also includes the Cititrax label, which focuses on contemporary electronic (mostly synth) production. She regularly plays in her native New York, but also in clubs and festivals around the world, and every Sunday evening on the waves of the aforementioned East Village Radio (under the Minimal Wave show). Her Dekmantel Festival set is highly praised on web but one should not be fooled by her local intelligent indulgence. We saw her at Atonal 2018, where she delivered a two-hour long thermonuclear selection. The company of Jeff Mills in our line-up suggests that no one will be treated gently even at Pohoda.