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Unprofessional IT

POHODA KLUB Saturday 03:00 Show in program

UNPROFESSIONAL is a state of mind born in Italy and exported to Berlin in 2013.
UNPROFESSIONAL is everywhere but not everyone.

UNPROFESSIONAL is distorted stroboscopic foggy and obscure dancefloor.
UNPROFESSIONAL is there where the difference between Lo-fi and bad is.

UNPROFESSIONAL (LIVE)s on the floors of the ghettos of the
UNPROFESSIONAL can happen in clubs too.

UNPROFESSIONAL means organizing events that everyone can enter
but not everyone wants to enter.

UNPROFESSIONAL supports Praxis records, Idroscalo Dischi, Kool Killer
records, Sonic Belligeranza, Night on Earth Records, Otolab, Davoria, Rauchhaus (Berlin), O'Tannennbaum (Berlin), MS Stubnitz (Hamburg), Next:now, Multiversal.

UNPROFESSIONAL will materialize on vinyl (Upcoming on Forbidden Planet).