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Trosky SK

ARÉNA SLOVENSKEJ SPORITEĽNE Saturday 22:00 Show in program

Trosky’s debut came out in 1997, the year when first Pohoda took place. After Pohoda 2002, Trosky (Ruins) as a band became ruins and stayed that way for 15 year: Pohoda was the last event they played until they organized a comeback tour in 2017 with 6 sold-out concerts. Now they are coming back where they belong: to our festival.

Within ten years of existence, Trosky became a legend. Even after breakup, both members led interesting lives – Vec kept on making music, his system built on great collabs and his extraordinary stay-on-top-of-things approach secured him a privileged position on hip hop scene. Midi became a respected promoter and for a certain period of time was a part of our core program team at Pohoda. Another important person on our local music scene, a vinyl wizard DJ Gabanna, also a long-time co-dramaturge and Pohoda stage manager, is now part of the mix as well. Zverina, the experienced old dog from Tatra Mountains region, will support them on mic like he did during previous shows. Visuals will be taken care of by legends of VJing in Slovakia – Braňo Vincze and Zden. There is a strong relationship between Branči Kováč and Pohoda as well: he’s one of the artists that play Pohoda most, he likes driving dust van and oversleep whenever there is a debate or other special events starting in the middle of the hip hop night, i.e. by 2 PM. Despite a lot of temptations, he reached an unbelievable 100% success rate in this. We hope the Trosky concert at Pohoda won’t be the last this time and the guys will show their mastery someplace else, too. We can’t wait to see their cute food requests and, most of all, are looking forward to their show, which is scheduled for a real night slot on a big stage.