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Trio Mandili GE

Trio Mandili

Trio Mandili, a musical miracle from Georgia, will replace Sho Madjozi who had to cancel her concert at Pohoda. The group's story is a modern Caucasian fairy tale. Three friends would sing polyphonic Georgian songs during a walk in the village. They recorded one of these "singing" walks on a mobile phone, uploaded it on YouTube and another viral phenomenon was born. Nowadays, the band has 900,000 followers on Facebook, millions views and a quarter of a million video subscribers on YouTube.

The girls are accompanied by string instruments like panduri and chonguri (similar to lute with long fingerboard). In addition to powerful songs, the Trio Mandili also chose a powerful name in the context of environment. Mandili is a female scarf-shaped headband. In Georgian tradition, women threw these on the ground when they wanted to reconcile arguing men. In 2015, they released their debut titled "With Love". It's psychedelic baby magazine wrote about it: "It might sound like a miracle that this music gained so much attention in a time of flat ass streamline plastic pop but if you take a closer listen to “With love” you will realize that it does justice to its title. The melodies sung by the girls grab you by the heart immediately and fasten in your soul right away. This is some passionate brand of Eastern, Caucasian folk and has an enchanting approach within the melodies." In 2017 they released another album called Enguro. According to Huffington Posts, their beautiful melodies will transport you to another time.