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Trio Katastrofa SE / SI

Trio Katastrofa

Pohoda will also feature the Scandinavian-Balkan folk-punk of the band Trio Kastastrofa. As the band says: "Trio Katastrofa is like a shinkansen on an unstable track, which runs in such a way that you’ll never want to get off." The band consists of the Swedish violinist Sofia Hogstadius (specialized in Bulgarian folk music), Swedish-Chilean percussionist Stefan Hedborg and Slovenian accordionist Matija Solce, while everyone is involved vocally as well. Michal Kaščák witnessed one of their flamboyant performance and described it as follows: “I saw Trio Katastrofa as a duo in an apartment in Ljubljana. There were about twenty of us there, and what began quietly and perhaps with embarrassment on the listeners’ part ended with enthusiasm and applause. Scorpions at the Moscow stadium would’ve been green with envy if they’d witnessed such performance. What the Trio showed was a demonstration of perfect communication with the audience, as well as a demonstration of musical mastery, the joy of which can make you laugh.”