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Space aréna SLSP Friday 13:00 Show in program

The work of the young Estonian rapper Tommy Cash is in an extreme contrast to the post-Soviet greyness of Tallinn block of flats. Influenced by the music of Pharell Williams and Kanye West´s album Graduation, he follows his own path, which brings him early success: millions of views on YouTube, articles in magazines such as Noisey and Highsnobiety, and concerts all round the world. It was at one of his concerts (at Eurosonic) that his great show won us too, and you will be able to see him at Pohoda 2017.

Tommy Cash grew up in a “post-Soviet Baltic ghetto” in the middle of Russian art and pop music. The portal Noisey wrote about him: “He seems strange and unbridled among the apartment blocks as grey as the skies—an unrestrained splatter of colour on a black and white canvas. He portrays an extreme uniqueness through his art as a multitalented, fearless and creative young Eastern European lad.” Cash has previously expressed himself through visual arts, fashion, and dance. He currently is a rapper, and his expression is accompanied by woven Russian carpets, centaurs, green lasers, and Adidas sweatpants. He released his debut album EUROZ DOLLARZ YENIZ in November 2014 and presented it on a successful tour in February 2015. “When I first held a microphone, it was clear to me that dance is not enough anymore. I wanted to be the ultimate rapper,” says the Estonian rap wonder.

The single from the upcoming album “Winaloto” has earned more than 2 and a half million views on YouTube in just six months after its release. Tommy Gradually gained the attention media such as Highsnobiety, Maxim, NME, and Noisey by Vice, especially for his eclectic approach to music, as well as to dance, fashion, and visual interpretation. The main influences are still the post-Soviet “anti-aesthetics” and hip-hop. His stage performance was considerably inspired by playing at wild underground parties in the neighbouring Russia. Noisey was particularly impressed by the fact that all the extreme positions of Tommy Cash are especially original, yet still natural. Even those, where he rides his horse to a McDonaldʼs drive-in: he simply has a horse and fancies Big Macs. Their article finishes with a curt recommendation, which we would like to give you too: “Just go and listen to him.”