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Tolstoys SK

Ticketportal stage Saturday 18:00 Show in program

A few minutes before we came to announce in program “Ráno na eFeMku” that Solange would be playing Pohoda, band Tolstoys were playing live in the studio. Great sound, vocalist Ela’s original voice and a nice mix of dream pop and acoustic music caught our attention right away. Since before our arrival they said they didn’t have any specific plans for this summer yet, we told them then and there that we would like to invite them to Pohoda 2017.

The band have been on the scene only for a year, but during this short period of time they already managed to play a lot of gigs: the biggest one was in the sold-out MMC when band Billy Barman launched their new album. Tolstoys’ first single “Right Choice” was number one in Radio_FM’s Czech-Slovakian Osmička Charts for three weeks. They soon released another single “Agapé” together with a melancholic pastel-colored music video. In the video, you can see all members of this young Bratislava-based band: Ela Tolstova (vocals), Pavol Rehák (piano), Matej Herceg (drums), Michal Smetana (double-bass, bass) and Frederika Camastra (violin). Their music was well-received by portal. In October, Fičí added them to the selection of 30 amazing Slovakian musicians and a few days back also to their spring playlist of new music you should know about. Tolstoys are planning to release their debut album via Slnko Records in autumn. In three months, you can see and hear them at the 21st edition of Pohoda.