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Snapped Ankles GB

Snapped Ankles

Pohoda 2019 will also feature the British post-punk band that produces music that similarly extravagant to their shamanistic costumes – Snapped Ankles. They keep the wild forest energy in their work and performances which primarily means motoric rhythms, the rush of white noise, and post-punk angles. This aural onslaught is played out on homemade synthesizers, electric guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skins. The Quietus and Electronic Sounds placed their debut Come Play the Trees among the top 20 albums of the year. Their live performances are an embodiment of weird in the best sense of the word. The fans in Trenčín will get a chance to witness it in four months.

Snapped Ankles blossomed at wild parties in warehouses and squats. Initially, their performances were live improvisations in which they worked with the sound sequences of the 60s films. From there, they moved to artistic collaboration with filmmakers and to concerts in unlikely locations such as barber shops, playrooms and forests. In June 2017 they released EP The Best Light Is The Last Light and a few months later the album Come Play the Trees followed. According to The Quietus, it sounds wonderful and they described it as an embodiment of weird. In the review, they add: This album is an outlandish innovation and fun that defines an independent UK scene.