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Small Town Life SK

Small Town Life

Pohoda 2019 will feature a young punk quartet from Šaľa, Small Town Life, who will play in the Garage. Their music is influenced by the 90’s dirt, following the example of garage groups such as Bass Drum of Death or Ty Segall and a new British punk wave. The band released their debut EP in 2017, played about 40 concerts, including the United Islands of Prague Festival, as well as opening for bands such as Repetitor (SRB) and Soviet Soviet (IT). Two of its members (Jakub and Tomáš) are also part of the band Our Stories, which has had great gigs at Pohoda and Eusosonic. The band is currently recording their debut album, which should be out at the end of 2019.

Denis Bango, the Garage curator says: "Last year I had a dilemma whether to call Our Stories, or Small Town Life to play in the Garage. The fact I can participate in Garage’s programme again solved the dilemma for me. When I first heard them, I didn't believe it was a Slovak band. I am not saying that "non-Slovakness" is necessarily some kind of rule, but the most interesting thing about them is that they deliver grunge, a totally dusty and forgotten genre, in a way I have always waited for with new grunge bands – it doesn't sound like Nirvana or Alice in Chains. It’s got its point, and the boys have played a lot of gigs that have taught them to master it on stage. In addition, just like last year's Genuine Jacks, the space of the Garage is driving me to call STL. Because what they play is perfect music from the garage presented as one usually imagines it thanks to period films about young bands.. And I think they will please the ears of many of the Pohoda attenders who don’t enjoy the heavier music. Therefore, people who don’t usually seek out this kind of stage could pop into the Garage, too.