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Shobaleader One GB

Space aréna SLSP Friday 19:00 Show in program
Shobaleader One

Squarepusher will be introduced to you at Pohoda as a bass player and front man of band Shobaleader One as well. The band features keyboardist Strobe Nazard, guitarist Arg Nution and drummer Company Laser. On March 10, they are going to release album Elekrac featuring instrumental versions of Squarepusher’s 11 hits.

In the summer of 2009, a group of relatively unknown musicians got in contact with Squarepusher and wanted to form the “fantasy group” he had written about in connection with his album Just A Souvenir. At first, he thought it was a ridiculous idea, but impressed by their perseverance, he agreed to meet them in person. Their virtuosity convinced Squarepusher to make this happen. A five-member ensemble started working on album d’Demonstrator that was released via Warp Music on October 18, 2010. Since then, they have played a number of shows famed for their spellbinding atmosphere. As describes: “Witnessing the intricacies of the songs played with such dexterity, at times the only thing left to do is laugh.”