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Shallov SK

GARÁŽ Saturday 03:20 Show in program

Scream/postrock band Shallov has been up since 2014, when they also released their first DIY album “No place for two”. The second (first studio) album, Concrete & Glass, followed in January 2017. The German portal svbterranean.netwrote about them: “Their mix of scream with postrock is nothing new, but it does not stop fans from being completely surrounded by their compelling songwriting and authentic passion.” It seems that the band has managed to surround and persuade many people, as we received many recommendations to book them: also from “softie” Ela Tolstova of Elizabeth and the “tough man” Denis Bang from The Wilderness. The latter one said: “This is a very rare thing in Slovakia. Emo hardcore played live as from an LP. I organised their concert here in Trnava, they gave me goose bumps, and my girlfriend even had tears in her eyes. They can build interesting sound structures and create a great atmosphere.” Besides Slovakia and neighbouring countries, Shallov have also appeared in Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia. They will bring the songs from Concrete & Glass to Pohoda, as well as new stuff they are currently working on that has not been played elsewhere.