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Salut c'est cool FR

Space aréna SLSP Saturday 03:00 Show in program
Salut c'est cool

Motor-powered leaf blower, painting with an oversized hand as well as draining pipes all around the dancing band… There are all sorts of props which form an essential part of this French phenomenon’s – band Salut c'est cool – stage performance. The band was formed by four students of fine arts who create new connections between music and performance. The instinctive techno complemented by daring visuals and raw poetry enchanted us at Eurosonic.  They will present their mix of “spring break”, Dadaist happening and amusing rave party at Pohoda 2017.  

Salut c'est cool’s live sets give space to all kinds of experiments. Their work provides fans with a Dadaist experience when listening to the album as well as watching them on stage. Besides naive lyrics and techno, their music can be characterized by a bold approach to design and visual performance, where they disrupt any established codes and processes. Salut c'est cool made a name for themselves by making funny videos and by creative communication online, but their live shows soon became a phenomenon as well. The shows are the reason why they have become one of the most sought-after festival bands in France.  Our colleague Matwe saw them at Eurosonic. Right after he got into the club, he was dragged into a dancing crowd and got mesmerized by a cheerful French techno rave. A similar experience can be expected at Trenčín Airport in early July.