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Reykjavíkurdætur IS

ARÉNA SLOVENSKEJ SPORITEĽNE Saturday 14:00 Show in program

Cold Nordic women / rap is meant for male bands only: stereotypes that everyone will cross off their list immediately after seeing “Daughters of Reykjavík” at Pohoda. This 16-member (plus a DJ) all-female band reminds you of a clan where individual solos, duos and trios alternate with a performance of the band as a whole. While they are invisible to the local media, they are praised abroad by the likes of Noisey, Loud And Quiet or KEXP.

Reykjavíkurdætur rap almost exclusively in Icelandic and break the stereotype about harshness of their mother tongue. They prove that it can be very melodious and can have a very smooth flow. In their lyrics, they deal with themes such as sexual abuse, sexism, feminism as well as political issues. From the music perspective, the base is intertwined with strong melodic vocals as well as more experimental traits. What sounds great on the record is multiplied on stage thanks to their ceaseless choreography. Untraditional, but all the more eruptive form of Iceland’s character is going to be presented to Pohoda 2018 visitors by Reykjavíkurdætur.