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Rebel Babel PL

NAY TANEČNÝ DOM Saturday 20:00,URPINER STAGE Friday 13:00 Show in program
Rebel Babel

How would Too Many Zooz, Moravanka, Cypress Hill, and Kool & The Gang sound together? A performing-musical response is offered by an international project with Polish roots, Rebel L Babel. The band was founded, with the ambition to become the biggest band in the world, by the famous Polish rapper L.U.C. (performed also an opening act to Prodigy, Massive Attack, and Wu-Tang Clan concerts) along with the Danish producer and drummer John Feat. In addition to excellent music, they are also known for their cool videos, which are filmed in unusual places (subway, spa...). Also thanks to Pohoda, their set will again grow somewhat larger, as Rebel L Babel will perform here with the folk brass music band Textilanka from Trenčín.

Babel, or Babylon, is a symbol of the chaos and confusion that occurred when people stopped talking in one language. In the famous Bible story, God thus punished the pride of the Babylonians, who wanted to prove their haughtiness by building a tower reaching the heaven. The story of the Genesis book and its current metamorphosis in a linguistically and culturally diverse world is artistically addressed by Rebel L Babel. The common language is music that connects musicians from all over Europe. In their songs and funny videos, the languages, genres, instrumental sets, and musicians themselves are mixed together. You see big bands from different corners of Europe, listen to different themes and yet you feel and know that you are enjoying the very same band. At Pohoda, they will perform with the local brass music band Textilanka. The Trenčín district is, apart from Pohoda, known for the most brass music bands in Slovakia; we are glad that Vlado Ďatelinka and the band are open to this kind of ideas as well and have accepted this challenge. Rebel L Babel and Textilanka will bring through their music everything and everyone to the right place also at Pohoda 2018.