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Raptor Koch SK

Raptor Koch

Professionals perceives Raptor Koch as the best Frank Zappa living east of Branisko. His concert with the band had its premiere in Groningen, Netherlands, where he, Vojdi and The Wilderness performed at the alternative Pinguin Radio Showcase festival. Raptor started with fairy tales Havko Piťko, continued with the Peacar a Pas mech aliby project from which the current Raptor Koch emerged. He swims far away from safe waters, in the deep end of musical anarchy. Where others grind edges, Raptor Koch adds colour and takes you to the unknown and new places. Songs like Veľký pán slon, Džvir hra, Raptor má spíčky, or cover vesrions like Nepobočkana a Zvieratá will soon entertain also the visitors of Pohoda 2019. 


By the way, Raptor already has a fabase in the United States, and this video is the proof: