Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Quatro Emocione

Quatro Emocione SK

Quatro Emocione aroused positive emotions a few days ago at Pohoda deň_FM and in eight weeks, they will bring to dance also the visitors of Pohoda 2022. The band plays vapor/synth or, more specifically, post-virtual secondwave lo-fi hyperpop and consists of six excellent musicians led by singer Kristína Smetanová. Well Kristína graduated in piano, but it is her to make singing-like melodies using the Vocaloid vkb-100 keyboard. The project includes bassist Miloš Bulík, also active in formations Space Cats, La3no Cubano, Erik Šulc & Tribal Colors, Isobutane and others. A year ago, he released as Quatro Emocione the EP Cheetahs In Danger, which discusses interpersonal relationships, parties and, last but not least, cheetahs as an endangered species. Their new pieces are mostly a joint work of the whole band and you will hear several of them also at the Trenčín airport.