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Princess Nokia US

Space aréna SLSP Saturday 15:00 Show in program
Princess Nokia

Born Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, Princess Nokia is a young hip-hop and R&B artist from New York City. At her beginnings, she performed as Wavy Spice, and later called herself Destiny. A breakthrough in her career came last year, when, thanks to songs such as “Tomboy”, “Kitana”, and “Brujas”, she won many fans and has received millions of views on YouTube and Spotify.

Her song “Brujas” was also praised by Pitchfork, which wrote: “It’s a rare track that is dizzying not only because of its actual sonic power, but because its take on genealogy, legacy, and expression feels empowering and free”. Noisey described her as “a hustler, a charismatic spirit, and someone who plays no games. She did whatever the fuck she wanted, however the fuck she wanted. The best part was that, more times than not, it worked in her favor”.