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Pokora SK


Another representative in the Garage from the East is Košice nowave/postpunk/free punk band Pokora. It consists of friends enthusiastic for the same thing, Richard & Jany & Raptor (Raptor Koch), and just like Raptor and Vojdi they belong to the label Nepohoda. They define themselves as a band from Košice prairie of boredom – there are no money, but there are emotions. Recently, they played at Žižkovská noc, and shortly before the gig Fullmoonzine wrote about them: "At the same time, they bring unusual humour which can only come from a country where Bez ladu a skladu grew up."

"Pokora has all the best of Raptor as such, but also of other band members who are just as strange and, overall, they seem as if there was really nothing in the East, except for a strange fetish for a totally overwhelming but genius music in its own way. When I saw them for the first time in our Kubík, I couldn't get my eyes off them and it was clear to me that if I was to do the Garage again, I had to smuggle them in somehow,” said Denis Bango, the Garage curator.