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Pixvae FR

Nay tanečný dom Friday 21:30 Show in program

On our way from Eurosonic, the whole Pohoda office crew is sitting in the van, evaluating the gigs and listening to CDs from agents. We establish a strict rule to contact only those artists that will get a “one” from each member (pedagogical minimum in practice). Last year, the only act that made it was a band: Pixvae. They are simply impossible to be mistaken for someone else. The band provides a beautiful interplay between world music, experimental music and math-rock. Pixvae should definitely not slip under the radar of Battles fans or listeners of Potkan’s radio program Hudba sveta (World Music). Or basically anyone who loves discovering exceptional forms of music. You will get a chance to see them live at Pohoda.

The band Pixvae is named after a cross-bred fruit of the palm and peach tree. Like the fruit, this band provides a remarkable mixture of two ensembles: Kouma and Bambazú. French math-rock trio Kouma plays with a rather untraditional lineup: guitar, baritone saxophone and drums. Their free rock improvisations with polyrhythmic approach multiply with the arrival of members of the Colombian band Bambazú. A solid base is formed by the pumping groove bass sounds from the saxophone together with percussion and drums and is accompanied by circling guitar riffs and fascinating melodious Afro-Colombian vocals. Soon, you’ll see this unique world beat experiment from Lyon, France, at our festival.