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Peter a Lucia SK

EUrópa stage Friday 15:00 Show in program
Peter a Lucia

The musical Peter a Lucia (Pierre and Luce) was a cooperation of Dežo Ursíny, Jaro Filip, Alta Vášová, and Ján Štrasser. Ursíny recorded the music on a tape that was discovered by his son Jakub after his father had passed away. Jakub Ursíny, Dorota Nvotová, and Talent Transport have elaborated a concert form of the musical and, in the occasion of Dezider Ursínyʼs 70th birthday, they will present it at its festival premiere at Pohoda 2017.

The novel Pierre and Luce by Romain Rolland is a tragic war story of two young people in love. Its adaptation by librettist Alta Vášová received its specific musical form only with the lyrics of Ján Štrasser that were set to music by Dežo Ursíny and recorded by Dežo together with Jaroslav Filip in the demo. The musical, however, was not very lucky with a quick realisation, as it was premiered in the Malá scéna theatre only after more than three decades. Now, Dorota Nvotová, Jakub Ursíny, and band Talent Transport bring it as a concert. The basis of the show is the strong songs of one of the most prominent figures of artrock in Czechoslovakia, Dezider Ursíny, who would have turned 70 early this October.

The children of the original demo authors, Ursíny and Nvotová, will sing and perform as musicians as well (keyboards and saxophone). They will play with band Talent Transport composed of top Slovak musicians: composer and keyboardist Vladislav “Slnko” Šarišský (the winner of the prestigious Sergei Prokofiev International Competition in Petrograd), drummer Marián Slávka (collaborated with A. Šeban, T. Sloboda, and bands such as Longital and I.M.T. Smile), and bassist Filip Hittrich (former member of Hudba z Marsu, now playing with Dano Heriban and leading the Štúdio pod Povrchom studio). The big-band concert performance of Peter a Lucia was praised by the daily SME and the portal. The fans of Ursinyʼs songs will be able to enjoy this great performance at its festival premiere at the 21st edition of Pohoda.