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Penelope Isles GB

Penelope Isles

The Brighton band Penelope Isles will appear at Pohoda 2019. “When Penelope Isles started playing at the London IFF conference presenting promising artists from big agencies, I wanted to leave after the first song. But I liked the second, loved the third one, and after their fourth piece I knew that we wanted to have this band at Pohoda. It was like the spirit of Pixies was floating above Brighton and visited this special party of musicians, creating the unique music that the longer you listen to, the more treasures you find in it,” said Michal Kaščák about Penelope Isles. 

The band was founded only a few years ago by siblings Jack and Lily Wolter and during their short existence, they have already caught the attention of several influential British media. DIY called their music “lo-fi trip punctuated by beautiful vocal harmonies.” Line of Best Fit described their songs like “Their tracks are like your favourite sweets with shards of broken glass embedded in them, the potential of which is just screaming out for attention.” Their debut LP Until The Tide Creeps In is scheduled for release in March 2019, and their songs will be especially appreciated by fans of bands such as The Thrills, Mogwai, and Radiohead.