Paupière CA

Paupière, the synthpop trio from Canadian Montreal will perform at Pohoda 2021. They enchanted our graphic artist and curator Tereza in Seoul, South Korea at the Zandari Festival. She said the following about the band: "Paupière was a pleasant surprise for me in a tiny club somewhere on one of Seoul's busy streets. The band was shy at first, their trembling and slight nervousness spread through the club. But it didn't take long and they absolutely enchanted us all with their sensuality... "

Paupière introduced themselves in 2016 with the EP Jeunes Instants. In the songs, they like to play with raw lyrics that bring genuine truths and uncompromising melodies. A year later, they released the album À jamais Privé de Réponses. According to PopMatters, they build excitement with arty, thoughtful songs that stir the imagination as often as inspiring us to move our feet. Last year they came with another EP called Jettatura, which is full of bittersweet tunes that you can't get out of your head; sensitive approach to lyrics is subject to melody. They bring pop that is, at the same time, naive, thoughtful, carefree and powerful. As The 405 writes about them: “The joys of 80s synth-pop intermingle beautifully with the languorous French vocal performances, resulting in a captivating, dreamy concoction that leaves listeners yearning for more and more.”