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Our Stories SK

GARÁŽ Friday 02:10 Show in program
Our Stories

The band Our Stories is an instrumental blackgaze/math/post-rock trio from Šaľa. Their music includes post-rock guitar melodies, striking drums, and playful indie rock bass lines. Special about Our Stories is that since the early beginning, they were not defined by the common preference, but rather by the differences in the musical tastes of each member. They released the eponymous EP Our Stories in 2015 and gigs at festivals such as Family Fest, AKM Culture Days, and whoneedslyrics?! followed. The band is often likened to the famous Slovak band The Ills; the Garage stage curator Denis Bango described them so: “They are genre-related to The Ills, but I like this band even more.” Currently, they are finishing their debut, and the band will feature it also at Pohoda 2018.