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Noisecut a Nora Ibsenová SK

MAZAGRANDE STAGE Friday 21:00 Show in program
Noisecut a Nora Ibsenová

The band Noisecut conquered the first editions of Radio Head_Awards. After their last concert in 2012, the members of the band considered the existence of Noisecut a closed thing and no one was thinking about a possible reunion. This changed when Rádio_FM asked them to perform at the 10th anniversary of the Radio Head_Awards. The reaction was immediate—why not? If Nora Ibsenová would sing? Since Nora agreed, the performance at the award ceremony became a reality. Shortly after, the band was approached by Michal Kaščák who explored whether they would play at this yearʼs Pohoda. They agreed! The crew will be Losos, Japonec, and M, featuring also singer Nora Ibsenová (Fallgrapp), keyboardist Jakub Tvrdík (Billy Barman), and drummer and percussionist Roman Lauko (Bad Karma Boy). They will play songs that have never been played live, as well as new versions of older songs.