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Nina Rosa CZ

CAFÉ KUŠNIERIK Saturday 14:15 Show in program
Nina Rosa

Nina Marinová already played at Trenčín airfield back in 2016 during the Zrní & Ostrava Philharmonic Orchestra performance. This time, she is coming with her own project Nina Rosa named after her biggest fan: her grandma. Her classmates from jazz conservatoire Michal Mihok and guitarist Tony Dlapa (the visitors at the “Concert for the Attentive” event could see him during Prago Union gig) will join her.

After a year and a half of playing together, they already have a Radio_Head Awards nomination in the category of the Newcomer of the Year, shows and festival appearances in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria and also two single releases under their belt. Their songs are a mix of real and invented languages with real and invented styles. The band offers an unconventional combination of world music, swing, folk and reggae played on guitar, accordion and violin enriched with Nina’s original vocals. The main themes in their songs revolve around singer’s biggest passions: love for music and traveling; which is similar to what Juro Kušnierik was interested in. It’s going to be on the stage named after him where Nina Rosa will be playing their songs as part of Pohoda 2018’s program.