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Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist) GB

Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist)

Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist) is coming to Pohoda with project BodyVice Pohoda 2019 will also see an eccentric UK artist Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist) with her new project BodyVice. According to Noisey, Natalie creates “skewed glam electro pop with a disconcerting and psychedelic edge” and The Quietus describes her approach as “(a)n unholy amalgamation of Grace Jones, Ari Up and John Cooper Clarke with diva-esque wails and jarring harmonies”. Natalie is an accomplished sound & stage designer, performance artist and make-up artist, or rather, a high-end body painter whose design practices converge around sound and the body in the new project. She describes BodyVice as follows: “Your body is a sensory device, each sense can be manipulated / modulated and played like an instrument. You are both superhuman and human-synthesis. The layers of your anatomy come to represent a process or modulation of how you can be played.”

We were introduced to Natalie by our graphic designer Tereza Maco, who describes project Lone Taxidermist as follows: “In the world of pop music, the feeling of delight is ever-present. Everything from vocals through videos, clothes and music to lyrics and photos is an instant excitement. Any irregularity needs to be smoothed out. But this is like an evil twin in a parallel universe of every pop singer… It’s a blister that is simply going to explode!” Her latest project takes biological and computational approach to sound art, investigating how chronic pain (experienced by the artist Natalie Sharp) can be communicated through hypermedia; combining the artforms of sound art, wearable and playable body sculptures, interactive video and performance. Natalie is working alongside sound artist Tara Pattenden aka Phantom Chips to create electronic micro controller body-instruments (skinstruments) and multi-instrumentalist, flautist Tida Bradshaw.

Lone Taxidermist is the utterly bizarre and otherworldly ruptured activity generated by Cumbrian musician, costume maker, skin decorator, performer and natural provocateur Natalie Sharp. Sharp effortlessly blends ‘instruments’ which come to hand – whether that be songwriting, multi-instrumentalism or mastery of non-standard instruments like musical saw and theremin, stagecraft, costumes, graphic art, video making, face paint, vocal technique, remixing and DJing. Ioan Humphreys from Louder Than War wrote the following about an older project of hers, Medea: “In her vocal gymnastics and theatrics, Natalie’s performance could only be compared to Kate Bush. Unbelievable.” At Pohoda 2019, Natalie Sharp will sure please fans of more extreme musical and stage performance.