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EURÓPA STAGE Saturday 02:00 Show in program

It all started with an e-mail from the agent of the band ho99o9, whose engagement on the stage we wanted to see for the third time in a row: “Ho99o9 are not available but if you do like them, be sure to listen to NAH”. So we did listen and did not hesitate to act. NAH is the solo project of Philadelphia multi-genre artist Michul Kuun and is a product of the local rich avant-garde scene. After his last yearʼs debut TRUE BEAUTY (AND OTHER THINGS) ノ ノ, the portal Tiny Mix Tapes described him as an absolute percussion power plant. This fruitful sound designer creates a dynamic synthesis of structured noise in confrontation with percussion rhythms. He only needs a set of drums and a variety of samplers for his live shows where he combines the frenetic energy balancing on the verge of violence and playful chaos. This video may tell you more than words when it comes to his live engagement on the stage;)