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Nagy & Beni SK

GARÁŽ Saturday 02:10 Show in program
Nagy & Beni

The Trnava band Nagy & Beni has been up since June 2016. Nový Populár described their last yearʼs concert in Piešťany as “a quality rock underground of the 21stcentury from Trnava.” In their own words, they play a mix of punk, metal and rock underground elements that are difficult to describe as a genre. They try not to make it clear. Their lyrics are usually created using the semi-conscious process of linking speech phrases, onomatopoeic expressions, and simulation of psychotic states. Denis, who chose them for the Garage, says: This is quite an overstrained thing. There are moments when they remind me of the old Czech underground, and in other moments I feel the non-artistic working class punk. Their music is pretty crazy in places and I find it rather a sound painting. I was very pleased by their emergence, they are full in from the very beginning, they are serious.”