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Nabosoposkle SK


The emo HC / DIY Košíce band Nabosoposkle consisting of Tomi, Adam, Šimon and Vilo will also play in the Garage. They were using the encrypted name Galikjetajný to talk about rehearsals, crust melodies and DIY debates for about 4 years, which eventually resulted in a fifteen-minute set, the genre being somewhere close to the emotional hc. Immediately after their premiere in Košice Colloseum at the end of 2017, they were praised by The songs talk about the irrational search for enemies, prejudices, or the importance of actively doing something to change the world. They don’t just sing about active involvement, the band members are behind the Food Not Bombs initiative (which gives hot food free to people who need it).

Denis Bango adds: “I was at their very first concert and I couldn't believe it was their first concert. It’s a Slovak response to emo violence bands. There are many of them in Czechia, but they have something Slovak about them. This is a band that will be here for a long time and it will be talked about more and more on the punk scene.”