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Mołr Drammaz PL

Mołr Drammaz

Pohoda 2018 will also host the Polish experimenters Mołr Drammaz, a comeback of Wojciech Kucharczyk and his sister Asia Bronislawska’s band which they founded in 1995. Already back then they caught people’s attention with their atypical rhythms, powerful lyrics and unusual experimentation with electronics. They were among the most active bands within the Polish underground electronic scene. Recently, they have released a new album on the Dutch label Lullabies For Insomniacs that is called Times Before Emojis, and they’re getting back on stage to present it. 

The combination of Wojciech’s insanity and trance with Asia’s sincerity, professionalism, and spectacular performance creates a show bordering with artistic performance that eliminates any attempts of them being pigeon-holed. Their work directly influenced other projects on Mik.Musik.!. label, among others the percussive character of RSS B0YS. They’ll bring a special line-up to Pohoda, including the guest drummer Tom Kelar of Midi Lidi.