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Modré Hory SK

Modré Hory

In addition to the concert, Modré Hory also played their song Absint during Pohoda accoustic session last year. Bene, Lyrik, Roland Kánik and their guests Michal Šelep (bass) and Ľuboš "Ežo" Ambrozai (drums) enjoyed playing in this line-up so much that they decided to repeat it, but this time with a longer set. And where else should they play for the first time in this line-up than where this idea originated? Modré Hory have released 3 albums, 2 mixtapes, one EP and one lyric book. Rap for people in their thirties, some say, but these thirty-something guys don’t care. For them, it's about music and they love it. Bene and Roland won the first ever genre award in the Hip-Hop category at the RHA, which they also won two years later as Modré Hory for the album Big Beat. At last year's Pohoda they introduced a new album called Luxus clan. The motto "more boring than life" was exchanged for "rap about everything and nothing ". This time they’ll play in Café Kušnierik, which was their own choice since Juraj was their big fan.