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Mitch & Mitch PL

ORANGE STAGE Friday 16:00 Show in program
Mitch & Mitch

Pohoda will host also the authors of the best album and song in Poland in 2016. The band Mitch & Mitch uses guitars, drums, percussions, vibraphone, and brass instruments to offer the first class new jazz and parody of everything all in one. Our Michal went to see then upon the recommendation of a Polish friend: “I saw Mitch & Mitch at the OFF festival in Poland. They were performing after the perfect concert of PJ Harvey, and I just could not understand why anyone would set a band after such a powerful artist – but only until they started playing. Even if at the beginning of their concert I was a little sceptically standing rather withdrawn from the crowd, I ended up right below the stage at the barriers. It is rare to see so much of insight in the music, so much human and artistic interplay. Then you add a really fun way to communicate with the audience, a well working parody of “make some noise” phrases, and great music.

Mitch & Mitch pretend to be a world band and they are so great at doing it that world bands could learn from them how to be really world bands”. In fact, they truly are stars in Poland, thanks to their successful cooperation with the Polish parallel to Slovak “Jaro Filip” – Zbigniew Wodecki. What they definitely did not have to pretend is the fact that they are excellent musicians and entertainers, a thing that they will show to Pohodans already this summer. They will come to Trenčín with the project “Visitantes Nordestinos”, which is the result of cooperation with the Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Kassin.