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Midi Lidi CZ

ARÉNA SLOVENSKEJ SPORITEĽNE Friday 16:00 Show in program
Midi Lidi

Thanks to Petr Marek’s dance moves and the fact that he “likes cooking”, Midi Lidi are extremely popular in our office. Each year, our female colleagues from the agency give an ultimatum to us saying they will not go to the airport without Midi Lidi. Together with the rest of the agency, they appreciate the art of staying on top of things this five-member trio show in their music. This affection is obviously mutual: As Prokop Holoubek told magazine Frontman: “To spend an entire weekend at the festival is not something I usually do. In fact, there are only two exceptions where I’m willing to do this. The first one is Beseda u Bigbítu and the second one is Pohoda in Trenčín. When we play there or I take care of one of my bands there, I like to stay there for the whole event. I think that these two festivals are also among the few where I would go as a visitor.” Our visitors will get to see Midi Lidi again in six weeks at Pohoda 2018.

The band Midi Lidi was formed in 2006 of the band Krásný Stěhovák Gerard & Sexuální nábytek. Already their first album, Čekání na robota (Waiting for the Robot, 2007), got great responses. After their third album, the band grew by Tomáš Kelar (drums, vocals, electronics, keyboards, the music composer for the band Čoko Voko) and two visual artists: Roman Přikryl (Fiordmoss) and Tereza Rullerová aka VJ Texa (The Rodina). In 2012, they created the successful soundtrack for the film “Polski film”.  For Prokop Holoubek, Petr Marek, and Tomáš Kelar, music is only one of the possible artistic expressions. That is why their live concerts offer unconventional approach and expression of their own songs and cover versions. Shortly before the 20th Pohoda, they released an album titled Give Masterpiece A Chance! It’s funny that the original concept was to make a dark introvert electronic album with vocals reduced to a minimum. And the result was the exact opposite,” says Prokop Holoubek. “The biggest surprise came after we finished the album and found out it didn’t contain any refrains! At the same time, it’s full of hits,” adds Tomáš Kelar. Album’s motto is “Find Time to Live”. You can find it at the 22nd Pohoda accompanied by music of Midi Lidi.