Mezerg – cancelled
Friday 01:10 | NAY tanečný dom

Mezerg – cancelled FR

With this project, Mezerg pays homage to jazz bars and nightclubs, their whirl of energy and irresistible sounds. He sets the rhythm with his feet, plays melodies and harmonies with his hands, and at the same time, he controls a number of effects that complete the colour of his musical expression. There are no limits to creativity, so Mezerg’s instrument portfolio contains also keyboards made of various types of melons and, as The Music Man portal described it: “It sounds brilliant!”. The whole set is overlooked by the antenna of his theremin, which he plays like a little god yet sometimes tries to sell on the Internet with a note saying that it is in new-like condition and he has never touched it (although rumours say there would be a proof of him touching it with his tongue during a show). We believe that his energetic performance will touch also many visitors to the 24th edition of our festival.