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Budiš stage Saturday 01:00 Show in program
MCH Band

The initials in band’s name stand for the name of one of the fathers of Czech alternative scene: composer, singer-songwriter, journalist and, most of all, excellent musician, Mikoláš Chadima. He experienced his best music years in Czechoslovakian underground, where he remained even after the fall of communist regime. The band was formed in 1982 after a band called Extempore broke up; although, at first, they played under different names. Chadima was a signatory to Charter 77 so the band saw its first legal gig in 1989.

Perfect arrangements of mood played by sax and guitars sound to the accompaniment of Czech and German lyrics. Their songs represent the opposite of conformism and are constantly on the lookout for new music expressions. Their shows gleam with musical stubbornness and authenticity even though the band’s been here for twenty years.