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Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat IL

EUrópa stage Saturday 19:00 Show in program
Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat

Virtuous cello play, captivating vocals, and jazz drums are basic elements combined by cellist Maya Belsitzman and drummer Matan Ephram in their performances. They will play their own compositions at Pohoda, as well as original interpretations of well-known rock and roll songs and jazz standards.

Maya started playing the cello at the age of 7. Having completed her studies at the Tel-Aviv Conservatory of Music, she continued her education at the Telma Yellin High School of Arts and Tel Aviv School of Arts. Maya won several music scholarships in the USA. Subsequently, she worked as a studio violin cellist, solo musician and a member of a string quartet. In 2010 she was invited by the Tel-Aviv Music Festival to create her first concert as a lead singer and it was then that the audience started to perceive her as a singer as well.

In 2012, she connected her talents and skills with one of the most popular local jazz drummers, Matan Ephartom. They share astounding passion for music and a deep interest in experimenting with new genres. They merge traditional production with modern beats creating a sensational, virtuosic musical production. They released their first album in January 2015 and it was released also in France a year later. Since then, they have been touring and have played at many (especially jazz) festivals such as the ‘Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival’, ‘Jerusalem Festival’, Pasinger Fabrik Festival in Munich, Paris Jazz Festival, and Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival. They will perform their extremely pleasant music in extremely beautiful surroundings also at the beginning of July, at Pohoda 2017.