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Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve SK

URPINER STAGE Saturday 05:00 Show in program
Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve

Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve will welcome the sun and present the pre-release of the documentary Kapela (the Band). Do you know which band invented their name for Pohoda? It was Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve! First, they gave a concert here as musicians from the film All My Children; they returned a year later while filming a document about themselves—and as they were included in the official programme, they needed a name. Already named Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve, they filled up and made sweat the NAY dance house at Pohoda 2017. This year, they are coming with a finished documentary by Ladislav Kaboš named Kapela (the Band), and we will screen the film in the world premiere on Friday night in Optimistan. Later, on Sunday morning, the band will perform the traditional welcoming the sun on the main stage. “Guys have prepared songs that characterize their emotions and love for music and dance. The concert will begin with a violin improvisation and after the sunrise, they will launch the genuine energetic dance to say goodbye to Pohoda 2018 and its visitors,” said the bandʼs manager Tomáš Slebodník about the upcoming concert. In the case of this Gypsy band, some things just cannot be described by words, they must be experienced. This will be a great concert closure of Pohoda 2018.