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Little Dragon SE

URPINER STAGE Saturday 19:00 Show in program
Little Dragon

The 22nd Pohoda will feature also one of Swedenʼs most famous bands today, Little Dragon. Their breakthrough was the third album Ritual Union, which was included in the Rolling Stone and Clash selections of the best recordings of the year. Their next album Nabuma Rubberband received a Grammy nomination. They participated in Gorillazʼ album Plastic Beach and their song Twice was used in Greyʼs Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries.

Little Dragon formed at high school in 1996 in Gothenburg. The bandʼs name was inspired by the “Little Dragon” nickname that the singer earned due to the “fuming tantrums” she used to throw while recording in the studio. In the early years, they played more instrumental, acoustic music, and then gradually transformed themselves into the distinctive name of synthpop and indietronics. The band became popular with the song Twice (2009), which also appeared in several series and films. In the following year, they collaborated with Gorillaz and also accompanied them on their tour. Their latest album Season High was acclaimed by Mixmag. In the review, the author asks the rhetorical questions whether there is a better electronic pop quartet out there right now than Little Dragon, and concludes at the end of the review: “In short: this one’s highly recommended”. One of their songs is even described as “Dragon Pop”, which makes this difficult-to-fit genre band accessible to a wide audience, and at the same time they do not please the taste of majority. They offer really good music that also listeners of our mainstream radios could enjoy... if radios played them. Our web Pohoda radio, however, will definitely start playing them soon, and they will entertain visitors live at the upcoming edition of our festival.