Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Friday 01:45 | Garáž 2

Kovošrot SK

Kovošrot is a fusion of all kinds of metal subgenres, combined into a compact metal music monster. A fusion of rusty chaos, dirty noise and dreamy melodies. Their live performance is a must-see.
"If there ever will be something like a metal renaissance in Slovakia, this band should be one of those at its forefront. Their music on their eponymous debut EP oozes a cocktail of influences from every conceivable orifice, perfectly blended thanks to their very distinctive musicianship. Their live performances effortlessly embody all the essential metal poses and underground smell, yet devoid of any pretentiousness and spiced with a bit of self-irony," Garage curator Denis Bango (The Wilderness, Fvck_Kvlt) comments on the booking.