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Kieslowski CZ

Ticketportal stage Saturday 14:00 Show in program

Pohoda 2017 will also see a Czech urban-folk duo Kieslowski. Kieslowski is guitarist and vocalist David Pomahač (a.k.a. DKP) and vocalist and keyboardist Maria Kieslowski. They played festivals such as Waves Vienna; Urkulte in Sweden and Frazy in Poland. “Kieslowski know how to write a powerful life story or just put you in a certain mood; they provide melodies that will get under your skin and play them in a way you’ll have a spine-shivering experience.” The band is coming to our festival to prove Antonín Kocábek’s (from superlatives.

The band that made it to the top of the Czech music scene with their delicate songs unusually quickly have already released several albums via Indies Scope: Tiché lásky (2011), Na nože (2012), digital releases of Tanečnice (2012) and of remixes Na lože (2013) and Mezi lopatky (2014). On the last album mentioned above, Kieslowski collaborated with producer Jan P. Muchow and received a nomination for it in the 2014 Apollo Awards. Kocábek describes the album as follows: “Delicate, chanson-credible, strong melodies, pure songwriting, zest for sound experiments as well as the skill not to overstuff the result – it has it all.” Kieslowski offer indie folk of urban type. Besides guitar, the sound consists of the keys and gentle electronica with moderate doses of samples. But the core is in the beautiful well thought-out vocals and intimate music about relations. Due to maternal obligations, they will be playing relatively few festivals this summer. So we are very happy that they will be playing their first gig after a longer concert break in Slovakia at our festival.