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Jana Kirschner Komorne SK

MAZAGRANDE STAGE Saturday 23:00 Show in program
Jana Kirschner Komorne

At Pohoda 2018, you will get to see a selection of Jana Kirschner’s work spanning two decades in beautiful string arrangements by Spectrum Quartett led by Ján Kružliak. This exceptional project of the most successful Slovak singer was performed last week in Nová Cvernovka and this is how portal captured it: “The result is a very playful and organic project with no space for boredom. Great examples would be songs such as “Divná,” “Sama” or “Na čiernom koni” which, despite having a more modest lineup, in no way lack the energy.” The concert will feature popular songs, new tracks as well as material from albumsKrajina Rovina or project Moruša. Please note that Jana Kirschner will also perform tomorrow at “Concert for Martina and Ján” in Gregorovce.