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Haiku Hands AU

Haiku Hands

We've been discovering a lot of great music in Australia in recent years. Last year, the Confidence Man and Donny Benét made us dance and this time (besides the latter), Haiku Hands will take care of it. The NME described this trio as Australia's most electrifying new prospect that stands out in the mastery of creating energy on stage. They plunged into the scene with an irresistible dance hit "Not About You" and quickly gained the reputation of being a wild band known for impressive live performances that make people go crazy. Their combination of hip-hop, pop, electronics and disco also attracted the We Are the Guard portal which wrote about them: "Think MIA meets Major Laze, with the sense of humour of the Beastie Boys." According to The Clash, they confirmed they're one of the biggest musical revelations of 2018 and they'll come to confirm these words to Pohoda in four months.