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Tony Ducháček & Garage CZ

Budiš stage Saturday 16:00 Show in program
Tony Ducháček & Garage

The band initially named Garáž (Garage) in the 1980s is one of the most distinctive acts of the Czechoslovakian underground (moreover, they indeed started out as a garage band in Prague’s suburban area). Since their formation in 1979, the band went through several changes and finally, in 2003, chose the name of Tony Ducháček a Garage under which they also released their latest rock album Black!. One of the traits that distinguishes the band from others is the lead singer’s unique voice. A phlegmatic husky voice gives the band the right rock touch, which keeps its authenticity and remains immune to music trends. The band has featured several names throughout its existence such as Mejla Hlavsa of Plastic People of The Universe or Czech “Lou Reed” whose influence on the band goes on up to the present.

Guitar, sax, bass guitar and drums. The never-ending classic. Those who haven’t seen it yet are missing out a lot. At Pohoda, they will show at least a fragment of what it looked like at the times when their shows were far from common.