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Gallowstreet NL

Urpiner stage Friday 14:00 Show in program

If you liked New York brass trio Too Many Zooz that played Pohoda two years back, Gallowstreet are a quadruple European alternative to them. A dozen of Dutch musicians successfully redefine the term brass music. They offer an extraordinary mix of hip hop, trap, funk, afrobeat and dance music that pleased fans at North Sea Jazz Festival as well as those attending Lowlands. Now it’s Pohoda visitors’ turn.

Gallowstreet formed in Amsterdam in 2012. Since the formation, they have become an excellent live band that immediately changes any club or festival into a big party. They have won hearts of visitors at festivals focusing on electronic music (PITCH), jazz (North Sea Jazz) as well as hip-hop, rock and pop music (Lowlands, Dour). Apart from that, they played Eurosonic three times, where their show full of energy caught Michal Kaščák’s attention as well. “I saw them by lucky chance, when I was passing by an open-air stage. I thought that brass music couldn’t surprise me anymore, but this is a perfect glittery brass machine, which takes the best out of dance and alternative scene and mixes it into a surprising and exceptionally good working unit – in the wintry, rainy Groningen, people moved like in some New York-based club only those who are on the lookout for good music know. We also recommend them to the well-known brass skeptic Bebemu.”

Last year saw another milestone in band’s career, when V2 Records released their debut Battleplan. Ten gentlemen offer explosive riffs on their brass instruments, supported by a top-class drummer and percussionist. What the best electronic producers achieve thanks to effects and boxes, Gallowstreet can produce with more vigor using shiny brass pieces and rhythmic section. Gallowstreet will offer brass music that is hard not to dance to, at Pohoda 2017.